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President Obama Calls in to Tom Joyner Morning Show and Discusses Debate

| October 10, 2012

DALLAS — This morning (10/10) on the Tom Joyner Morning Show President Barack Obama called in and spoke to Tom Joyner and Sybil Wilkes about the debate, the importance of voting, his focus on the African American Community, and his thoughts on winning this tight election.  The following is a key excerpt from that exclusive interview:

TOM JOYNER: I only have two questions for you.  One, what happened at the debate?  Everybody wants to know.  Or was that some kind of genius strategy to rope and dope him in and then fact check him at the end?  Or, and the other question is for all of my, my black friends who say that the President’s not doing nothing, not doing anything for the black community, talk to them.

PRESIDENT OBAMA: Well, two things.  I mean, you know, the debate, I think it’s fair to say I was just too polite, because, you know, it’s hard to sometimes just keep on saying and what you’re saying isn’t true.  It gets repetitive.  But, you know, the good news is, is that’s just the first one.  Governor Romney put forward a whole bunch of stuff that either involved him running away from positions that he had taken, or doubling down on things like Medicare vouchers that are going to hurt him long term. And, you know, I think it’s fair to say that we will see a little more activity at the next one.

TOM JOYNER:  Well, you know, one thing I think happened is a lot of that have been getting real comfortable are now uncomfortable and scared to death as a result of the debate.

PRESIDENT OBAMA:  Yeah, but you know, here’s the thing, Tom.  This is always going to be a close race.  The fact of the matter is, is that if people were comfortable they didn’t recognize we’ve just gone through four really tough years…

SYBIL WILKES: Mr. President, in the Tuesday New York Times there was an article that it seems like one of the states that you took in the 2008 election was North Carolina, and you had a great deal of black support.  The New York Times is saying that that kind of support is not there.  To Tom’s point, are you feeling that black people are going to come out and support you as they did before?

PRESIDENT OBAMA: Listen, we are doing registration and early voting in a lot of states.  And our numbers are actually higher than they were in 2008.  But, you know, the main thing that everybody needs to focus on is the fact that this was going to be a close election, I only beat John McCain 53/47.  And we had all the tailwinds with us, no headwinds.  So this is always going to be close.  You were around in 2008.

TOM JOYNER:  Oh, yeah.

PRESIDENT OBAMA:  How many times did everybody say that somehow we weren’t going to win…


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