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Why I Love The Fan

| July 13, 2012

By Dan Sileo
WQAM, Miami
Talk Show Host


MIAMI – With the recently passed 25th anniversary of CBS Radio’s WFAN, New York, I’ve been thinking about how huge a fan I have always been New York City’s legendary sports talk outlet – from the times when I listened to in my younger days to the present as a fellow sports talk host.


I recently had a chance to have a conversation with WFAN operations manager and CBS Radio vice president of sports programming Mark Chernoff.  The first thing I noticed about Mark is the incredible pride and love he has for the format and the station – and for good reason.  In many ways, this pride in the format in general is justified since The Fan and CBS Radio have had such an incredible influence in the development of a format that is one of the most profitable in radio today.

In my opinion, WFAN’s biggest asset has been the stability it’s enjoyed both on the air and in management.  I believe this stability prevents knee-jerk reactions in management decision-making.  Because of this, WFAN has been able to adjust with the times to remain one of the most successful stations in America, let alone the sports talk format.

One thing that stood out in my chat with Mark is his belief in his on-air personalities.  While talking about the move to FM by so many sports talk stations – including a bunch of really successful CBS-owned outlets – and WFAN’s place on the AM dial in New York, he says he truly believes his talent on WFAN-AM will always beat the competition across the street.

Wherever sports talk radio goes in the future, one thing is for sure: CBS Radio and guys like president Dan Mason, SVP of programming Chris Oliviero, and Mark Chernoff are sure to be major players in leading the charge of this amazing radio format.

All I can say is I’m proud to be a part of sports talk radio!


Dan Sileo hosts PM drive at WQAM, Miami. He can be e-mailed at dan@wqam.com.

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