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The NFL’s Power Keeps Media Coverage Biased

| June 13, 2012

Dan Sileo
Talk Show Host
WQAM, Miami

MIAMI – Just like Arnold Schwarzenegger in “The Terminator” who promised, “I’ll be back!” yours truly is back at my favorite magazine to give you the truth!

Allow me to address the recent media coverage of the Johnathan Vilma vs. Roger Goodell lawsuit and how one-sided the coverage has been against NFL players in the “Bountygate” case. I believe the NFL has decided to leak information out to the media instead of actually giving the players the due process this situation needs. Don’t get me wrong, the NFL is smart to try and get the court of public opinion on its side. The potential backlash against the league if it’s determined it had knowledge of the bounty program prior to players – like Brett Favre and Kurt Warner to name two – getting hurt as the result of such a program could be serious. That could mean more lawsuits against the league.

The other part of this is that media people today are so worried about the access that they have to sports teams that they alter their coverage as a result. Can you imagine if a writer or sports radio host takes the players‘ side of this and starts slamming the NFL about not taking care of the players? The NFL will start denying access to certain media people making it very hard for them to cover teams fairly. Biased media coverage is what you get!

Pick any column or listen to any radio talk host today and read it and you will be able to decide which media member has more access to the team. The local team will always be nice to the station or host who gives them more positive coverage. The homer station gets paid for loyalty in access to players and coaches!

Radio hosts who want the respect of their audiences should do themselves the favor of stating their honest opinions. Don’t hide it! If you do, the fans will be able to hear which station is biased and not giving you the truth.

 Oh yeah, one quick note…totally enjoying my awesome new family at WQAM in Miami!

Dan Sileo hosts PM drive at WQAM, Miami. He can be e-mailed at

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