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Straight from the Lip

| February 23, 2012

JUPITER, FL – Greetings from the Jupiter office of TALKERS.  I’ve been spending the winter at our condo down here in Palm Beach Gardens with my husband Murray, the retired dentist, and it has been simply wonderful!  Done a bit of traveling around the state and let me tell you, there’s some really good radio in Florida. Especially some of the local shows that trade publications never write about.

For example, I found a little gem of a talk show tucked away weekends on, of all things, an adult music station.  It is hosted by an absolutely dazzling lady that I’m sure many of you will remember from her colorful film, media and show business history.  But before I get to that, I must share with you a deliciously juicy rumor that I am almost certain is true involving two of the biggest stars in progressive talk radio…

Schultz and Hartmann are cooperating for the greater good!

That’s right, get this!

It is no secret that the progressive branch of the news/talk world has had its share of obstacles to overcome – weak-signaled outlets, poor business strategies (Air America), a slow start jumping into the modern talk era fray and a less sharply-defined target audience than conservative talk has been able to galvanize — just to name a handful.

Then there has been “The Great Ed Schultz-Thom Hartmann Scheduling Conflict” – otherwise known in the laws of physics as two objects not being able to occupy the same space at the same time.  (Well, I’m not really sure if that actually is a law of physics – especially with String Theory and all that far out stuff that Michio Kaku talks about on the Science Channel – but you get my drift.)

For years, station programmers wanting to cobble together a decent progressive talk radio line-up and create a time-spent-listening feeding frenzy have had to deal with the inconvenient fact that the genre’s two biggest players both broadcast their midday programs live at the same friggin’ time!  They are both in the studio between 12:00 noon and 3:00 pm ET.  How frustrating that must be for the good folks at Dial Global who represent both of these acts (and have for years been earnest supporters of the progressive talk radio movement).

That would be the equivalent of Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity airing live at the same time!  Can you imagine?  Schultz and Hartmann competing head-to-head is even more of a nuisance because, unfortunately, there are fewer big name stars in progressive talk from which to choose than there are among the conservative crop.  Hartmann and Schultz are giants of the progressive talk movement.  Heck, they are biggies of talk radio period – coming in on last year’s TALKERS Heavy Hundred at numbers eight and nine respectively – and each having nightly cable television programs… Schultz on MSBNC and Hartmann on RT Television.

All of the radio stations running both of these leviathans of the left have had to put one or the other on the air in a delayed broadcast mode or just not have the benefit of both being in their line-ups.

The worst part of it (at least from this mother’s point of view) is that these two fine men who have contributed so much to diversity of opinion on the news/talk radio and television dials have had somewhat of a frosty personal relationship due to the non-productive competitiveness of their situation.

Well, as of what my sources tell me is a target date of March 12, this problem will come to an end.  The Lip has uncovered strong evidence to indicate that Thom Hartmann will move his program to the 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm slot opening the door to stations rounding out their line-up with two big stars operating live and harmoniously.  This little bit of maneuvering and, from what I understand has actually been purposeful cooperation between Schultz and Hartmann, could be the missing piece of the puzzle to take progressive talk radio to the next level.

Jo Ann Pflug is alive and well and on the radio!

Okay, so back to my spending the winter at the condo here in Palm Beach Gardens.  Murray and I have discovered a wonderful local station here that we get enormous pleasure listening to.  Okay, it’s a music station (I know this is a talk radio column) but it plays great adult standards that people of my generation don’t often get to hear on the radio anymore and frankly, I love it.  The station is smartly branded “Seaview Radio” — it’s the old WPBI that switched call letters and formats back in 2006.  Now it’s WSVU-AM 960 licensed to North Palm Beach with FM translators, 95.9 FM in West Palm Beach and 106.9 FM in Jupiter.  Collectively they cover the highly-populated Palm Beach County with a beautiful signal and wonderful music.

But that’s beside the point…

While listening to the station, I fell upon one of those amazing little radio shows that have strong local followings but never really generate a national industry profile.  And this one is a talk show hosted by a fabulous woman.  It is only one hour a week – played twice on Saturdays – and I am thrilled to let the industry know about it.  It is called “The Jo Ann Pflug Show” and it is hosted by none other than Jo Ann Pflug!  I couldn’t believe it when I heard her voice.  I yelled, “Murray, come here quick – you won’t believe it!  Jo Ann Pflug does a talk show on Seaview Radio.”  That’s when I found out that my Murray has had a crush on this gorgeous hunk of female pulchritude since he was in his early twenties.  Oy!

You know her from the movie M*A*S*H when she played the sexy Lt. Maria “Dish” Schneider.  You watched her back in the early ‘80s when she was a regular on the hit television show “The Fall Guy” with Lee Majors.  You laughed at her quirky responses on Hollywood Squares and funny bits as co-host on “The New Candid Camera with Alan Funt”… not to mention her guest appearances on The Love Boat, Fantasy Island, and Charlie’s Angels just to name a few other shows on which she’s made a guest appearance.

According to the Florida native, “It’s a fun-filled hour of information, laughs, and ‘oh-my-gosh-where-did-she-find-them’-type guests.”  The show which runs Saturday mornings at 7:30 am (and repeats later in the day at 6:00 pm) is broken into three segments: boomer health focusing on homeopathic topics; celebrity profiles featuring, as Jo Ann describes, “all the celebrities coming through Palm Beach, as well as the many who live here year round.”  Some of those guests?  Joanne Woorley, Shirley MacLaine, Johnny Mathis, Mary Wilson, for example.  The third segment of her show, Who is Jo Ann Pflug? positions Jo Ann herself as the guest and gives her the opportunity to chat about her colorful life in Hollywood.  She really dishes amazing show business insider stuff from the golden days of entertainment.  Of course this last segment could go for hours because Jo Ann in fact has had the opportunity to meet or work with the likes of Johnny Carson, Burt Lancaster, Jimmy Stewart, Elvis, Sammy Davis Jr., Dean Martin… I could go on and on.

The mother of an adult daughter had her first experience behind a mic at Rollins College in Miami, while still in high school. After graduating from the University of Miami, she tells TALKERS, “I wanted to take over Barbara Walter’s job – I needed a job where I could talk.”  And talk she did on a non-stop drive through an amazing career including Noonday (at the NBC affiliate in Atlanta), AM Los Angeles, the Emmy-award-winning Kids to Kids (CBS – LA), as well as NBC’s Special Olympic one hour program.

When Jo Ann’s not out learning to golf so she can swing a club with her businessman husband, you may find her on stage at The Palm Beach Follies, that she describes as “a Broadway-caliber celebration of the music, dance, and comedy of Mid-Century America with a cast old enough to have lived it!”  Recently she’s volunteered as a motivational speaker with Urban Youth Impact, a local organization that helps “at-risk” kids.  What a gal.  What a cool radio show.

Mike Horn of CRN Digital Talk Radio, if you are reading this, check it out – it is right up your alley.  Seaview Radio can be streamed at


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