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21 Years of Service

| July 22, 2011

By Michael Harrison

NEW YORK –– This issue marks the 21st anniversary of TALKERS. What debuted on July 20, 1990 as a 12 page tabloid –– self-described as “The Information Radio Newspaper” –– has evolved into a multi-platform, full-service trade organization consisting of a monthly print magazine, an expanding website, a daily headlines news service, an extensive industry database and a dynamic planner of special events such as the New Media Seminar, Talk Radio Day at the United Nations, It’s Time to Talk About Domestic Violence Day, the Heritage Forums, Info-Sessions at the NAB Radio Show and numerous radio rows.

TALKERS has paralleled, reflected and stimulated the growth of talk radio during its modern era and subsequently brought these services to the expanding communications arena we presciently dubbed “talk media” years ago.

I believe this is just the beginning. As Sean Hannity proclaimed during his memorable speeches at the New Media Seminar, “The best is yet to come.”

Yes, this is a period of daunting change and challenges…technologically, socially, and economically –– but the opportunities being spawned by this unsettling transition are virtually endless.

Beginning with this issue, all content slated for publication in the print editions of TALKERS magazine will be simultaneously posted at Talkers.com in addition to the ongoing rollout of exciting new features. This information will be presented to our readers at no extra charge. TALKERS serves the interests of the talk media industry on a day-to-day, hour-to-hour, even minute-to-minute level. We believe in practicing what we preach. The expansion of Talkers.com into a fully functional “media station” is underway. Dedicated practitioners live this business 24/7 and so does TALKERS.

Beginning with the “Los Angeles Regional Talkers Forum 2011” –– set for October 20 –– TALKERS is launching a series of regional seminars in geographically key areas focusing on industry issues pertinent to each location. Although the long-running New Media Seminar has set the standard for national talk industry conventions, tight budgets and inconvenient travel necessitates a supplemental vehicle to provide the same brand of high-level, intelligent discussion about the business more accessibly and informally to the everyday working folks in the trenches. Admission to these events will be free for media professionals.

Also, after 21 years of publishing TALKERS and gathering thousands of stories, pictures and files about every aspect of the talk show world imaginable, not to mention marking the 44th anniversary of my career as a professional broadcaster, the time is right for me to write a book about talk radio! Part memoir, part history and part commentary –– it is being written in collaboration with TALKERS special features correspondent Mike Kinosian. It is an informative and fascinating look at the key players and events in this business going back to my early days in music radio. TALKERS: The Irrepressible Voices of Radio by Michael Harrison with Mike Kinosian is scheduled for publication this coming winter. Stay tuned.

All of us at TALKERS thank you for your friendship and support.

Michael Harrison is publisher of TALKERS magazine. He can be e-mailed at michael@talkers.com.

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