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The TALKERS interview:
A Conversation with Stephanie Miller

| June 13, 2011

Dial Global talk star receives 2011 Judy Jarvis Memorial Award for Outstanding Contributions to Talk Radio by a Woman

Stephanie Miller is the 2011 recipient of the TALKERS “Judy Jarvis Memorial Award for Outstanding Contributions to Talk Radio by a Woman” also referred to as the “Woman of the Year” award in the talk radio industry.  Her successful morning show, produced by Ron Hartenbaum’s WYD Media Management and syndicated by Dial Global Networks, has been on the air nationally since 2004 and stands as one of the relative handful of examples that prove “progressive” or liberal talk radio, when properly executed on both content and business levels, can survive and actually thrive.

Her show is a high-energy, meticulously produced ensemble program that covers everything from politics to celebrity gossip in which Miller presides over a cast of comedic characters punctuated by co-hosts, impressionist Jim Ward and producer Chris Lavoie, and outstanding regulars highlighted by stand up comics John Fugelsang and Hal Sparks, among others.

Miller’s on-air radio career dates back to the late 1980s with positions on major music FMs in New York and Chicago.  Her history as a major league talker began in 1993 when she began a successful stint at KFI, Los Angeles where she hosted a highly rated nighttime program.  She also worked at Los Angeles stations KABC and KTZN during the 1990s as well as performing as host of several television projects.  She even did some film and TV acting.

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Partisan Talk Media from the DC-Insider Perspective

| June 13, 2011

By Ellen Ratner
Bureau Chief

WASHINGTON –– With the White House creating a new position to coordinate progressive media and online response, there is increasing interest in how to counter the perceived conservative tilt of some electronic media outlets –– especially news/talk radio.  In late May the White House appointed Jesse Lee to the position. He had been working in the new media department of the White House.  Lee had worked with both Nancy Pelosi and the Democratic National Committee on online and new media initiatives.  He will have his own Twitter account.

TALKERS magazine has been following these developments in the Obama Administration and we asked two former radio coordinators from both the RNC and the DNC to weigh in on the perception of talk radio as a conservative genre.

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