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The TALKERS Interview:
A Conversation with Brian Kilmeade

| May 20, 2011

Fox News personality Brian Kilmeade co-hosts the Fox News Channel morning show “Fox & Friends” and hosts his daily radio talk show, “Kilmeade & Friends,” on the Fox News Radio network. Kilmeade’s media experience prior to joining Fox News includes anchor/reporter positions in local TV news, sports reporting at the local and network level, co-host of the “Jim Brown Show” on the XTRA-AM sports radio network, sideline reporter for the MSG Network plus authorship of two books: The Games Do Count: America’s Best And Brightest On The Power Of Sports (It Books 2005), and It’s How You Play the Game: The Powerful Sports Moments That Taught Lasting Values to America’s Finest (It Books 2007). The TALKERS Interview was conducted by Michael Harrison.

TALKERS: You spent most of your early broadcasting career in sports. How would you describe the differences and similarities in sports broadcasting and news broadcasting?

BK: I have found sports and news to be similar for many reasons: First, they both require research and passion. Like news, it’s not enough to say Fred Wilpon should be forced to sell the Mets because the callers have a habit of asking, well…Why? And then, you gotta know what to say…Not enough to say, “John McCain is a hothead who didn’t have the composure to serve in the oval office”–– your audience needs to know you have facts to back up your opinion.
Unlike sports, I really sense the news and this talk network serves the core of people’s lives. Where sports is really the escape portion of their lives. People may cry and cheer when their team wins or their favorite player is traded. In reality, jobs, taxes, war and elections have a direct impact on how our audience lives rather than what jersey they choose to wear on Sundays. There is just much more on the line. As much as I love interviewing Bill Parcells and Phil Jackson –– the newsmakers I get on this show oftentimes affect world history –– fight wars, or fight against them.

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Younger Demo Show Emanates for DC’s ACLJ

| May 20, 2011

By Ellen Ratner
Bureau Chief

WASHINGTON –– There’s a brand new radio talk show emanating from the offices of the American Center for Law and Justice on Maryland Avenue in Washington, DC (about as close to the capital of the United States of America as you can be and still be a private enterprise).  Jordan Sekulow, the son of ACLJ chief counsel Jay Sekulow, is the director of policy and international operations for the center and co-hosts his father’s talk radio show, “Jay Sekulow Live,” heard on Christian stations all across the country.

Last month, Jordan began his own live talk  show that is fed to affiliate stations immediately following his father’s program.

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Preaching Against the Choir

| May 20, 2011

By Michael Harrison

NEW YORK –– Ten hands-on broadcasters express keen observations and expert opinions (plus a take by yours truly) in this issue’s feature article by ace trade journalist Mike Kinosian examining the state of progressive talk radio.   There’s also a provocative commentary about the subject in these pages by Lionel, a brilliant iconoclastic wordsmith who is no stranger to the genre but at one point in his career had a square-peg/round-hole relationship with it.  And Juan Williams sounds off on this concept as well (among other things) from the perspective of his public radio experience in the Talkers Interview.   Each presents a somewhat different point of view.  Collectively, they provide an insightful picture of one of the most interesting and enigmatic subgenres in the news/talk radio spectrum.

Enigmatic?  Most definitely!  A week doesn’t go by that I am not asked by either a reporter writing a newspaper article or a student doing a paper these two related but significantly flawed questions:

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