London Calling With Graham Mack Episode 58 – Tony Hendra

Tony Hendra the English writer and actor talks about how he went from  wanting to be a monk to becoming a satirist, working with Graham Chapman from Monty Python, moving to America in the 60s, opening for Lenny Bruce, appearing on the Ed Sullivan show and Sean Lennon’s reaction to Tony’s John Lennon parody. As well as that, Jane checks in from North Yorkshire to talk about cars; The school principal that has banned kids from having boyfriends and girlfriends; Cheap weddings; Fake news from the Pope; The solution to Britain’s housing crisis; An amazing coincidence; Life imitates art in Pisa; Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri is rubbish; Boris Johnson and Donald Trump have a lot in common; Mexican food; A Scottish breakup story; Siri doesn’t work; Generation useless; I Didn’t Start The Fire. – Listen to more Mack Nuggets at