London Calling – Episode 10 – Suzi Quatro

In Episode 10 of London Calling, Graham Mack talks to Suzi Quatro in the kitchen of her Elizabethan mansion in Essex. Suzi shared stories about
life on the road in an all-girl band touring the USA before she moved to Britain, how her life changed when she met British record producer,
Mickie Most and how at the age of 18 and pregnant to a married man she made the difficult decision to terminate the pregnancy.  She told Graham,
“I carry the stigma of that forever.”

Is Donald Trump going to meet the Queen?; Yoko Ono’s reaction to Donald Trump winning the election; How Donald should use the British model in the USA; The British law that bans people from smoking in cars doesn’t go far enough; Demelza Leslie from Radio New Zealand in Wellington with an update on the aftermath of the earthquake. Get more info and even more Mack Nuggets at