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Electro-Voice Mics Rock Talk Radio

| October 22, 2013

By Michael W. Dean
The Freedom Feens
Genesis Communications Network

1 - Peanut in repose with Electro-Voice RE-20 microphone

Peanut in repose with Electro-Voice RE-20 microphone

A Mic for the Ages

The venerated Electro-Voice RE-20 microphone is the premiere workhorse of the last four decades of broadcast radio. It’s the mic most frequently found in live radio studios for talk show hosts, and DJs on rock radio, going back to the late 1960s.

The RE-20 is such a staple of radio that, even though other mics are sometimes used in radio studios, the RE-20 is almost always used in Hollywood to indicate “radio.” Showing it on screen is automatic shorthand for “we’re in a radio station now.” Any time you see a scene in a movie or on TV where someone is talking on the radio, the prop mics are overwhelmingly going to be RE-20s. Showing an RE-20 on screen visually implies “this person is a pro, listen to them,” even to people who don’t know anything about radio or microphones.

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