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Commercials Are Content, Too.

| May 2, 2012

By Al Herskovitz
H & H Communications

BRADENTON, Fla. — It was one of those a-scene-from-life commercials.  It went something like this: Woman 1 was the voice on an answering machine. “Hi, This is Madge, please leave a message.”  Woman 2 was the caller.  “Hi, Madge, this is Marge.  Do you remember last week when we were talking about hormonal imbalance?”  HORMONAL IMBALANCE?  Regular folks don’t chat about hormonal imbalance on the telephone!  Not unless they are two endocrinologists.  The commercial was supposed to be about a weight loss product, but the premise was implausible.  The commercial finally got around to the real topic – belly fat.  Now there’s a subject many of us can relate to, and diets are something we could talk about to a friend.

Scenes-from-life commercials are quite common.  The challenge is to make them sound like normal conversation.  Sadly many of them come off contrived and unnatural because no one repeats an 800 number three times in rapid fire succession or refers to “plenty of free parking, open nightly ‘til nine” in this manner during talk between ordinary people.

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