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Bruce Williams is also one of the syndication pioneers in contemporary advice-talk radio. Interestingly, unlike so many broadcasters making this list, he did not originally intend to get into radio.

He was a successful businessman who started doing a radio show in Brunswick, New Jersey in 1975 giving advice to likeminded businesspeople. That first program, called “At Your Service,” took off and six years later he was broadcasting to hundreds of stations on NBC’s Talknet.

William’s contribution to radio stems from his ability to connect with callers and listeners in an avuncular way that’s made him one of the most listened-to talk hosts in the modern era. He rose to prominence not discussing politics or social issues. He saw a need for people to get business and personal financial advice from someone who wasn’t selling anything and his demeanor on the air helped him become a trusted counselor. He is still connecting with his listeners via Talk America Radio Network.

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