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At the time he broke into the business he was well-known for his part in the Watergate scandal that brought down Richard Nixon. Ten years later, G. Gordon Liddy is one of the most listened-to conservative talk show hosts in the business.

Liddy’s first taste of radio came while working for Fordham College’s radio station as a student. But 44 years later, while filling in for Bob Grant on WABC in 1992, he was heard by Infinity boss Mel Karmazin who recommended him to WJFK-FM, Washington, DC GM Ken Stevens for a midday slot available at the fledgling FM talk station. Liddy did a one week tryout and was hired and later syndicated by Westwood One.

He brings with him the intrigue of his past - the Watergate connection, his careers as FBI agent, prosecutor, Treasury official and more - but his willingness to criticize Republicans when necessary sets him apart from many of his contemporaries. Far from being a conservative apologist, he demands an intellectual approach to his program from both himself and his listeners, which makes his show more of an exercise in thinking than a sermon from the right-wing political establishment. Hard working and dedicated, Liddy is respected by his peers in the industry. He, too, is a past recipient of the Freedom of Speech Award.

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