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He’s been doing some form of talk television for 40 years with a pedigree in the genre that is long and distinguished.

He began with a local program in San Diego in the early 1960s where he first practiced his “chatty” style. The station had no budget for writers so he did monologues about life and current events and talked with the audience. He then moved to Los Angeles and hosted “Philbin’s People” which won an Emmy.

He got national exposure as the young sidekick on the Joey Bishop Show. Tired of being the butt of Bishop’s jokes, he returned to local TV to do “AM Los Angeles.” Several local shows and a couple of game show gigs later, he worked for the Lifetime Cable Network on a program called “Regis Philbin Lifestyles” which morphed into another “Regis Philbin Show.”

He moved to L.A. to pair up with Cindy Garvey in the early 1980s on that city’s “Regis & Cindy Show” and then catapulted to greater success in New York when Kathie Lee Gifford replaced Garvey. Now with phenomenal, rising star co-host, Kelly Ripa, the show is bigger than ever.

Philbin’s informal, chatty approach and informed, yet not too high brow, demeanor wins him acceptance from a mass audience year after year.

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