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Joshua Philipp is an award-winning investigative reporter and a senior editor at The Epoch Times. He is a recognized expert on unrestricted warfare, asymmetrical hybrid warfare, subversion, and historical perspectives on today’s issues. His 10-plus years of research and investigations on the Chinese Communist Party, subversion, and related topics gives him unique insight into the global threat and political landscape. To book an interview with Joshua Philipp, call Victoria Jones at 202-227-7067.

Brian Davis – Gaslighting as a Political Tactic Supporting Biden. False allegations that President Trump colluded with the Russians in 2016 had repeatedly guaranteed that “proof of Trump’s guilt would be produced.” Failing to ever produce any evidence of impropriety with the Russians, the Democrats and mainstream media switched to baseless allegations of Ukrainian collusion, which were disproved by official telephone transcripts. Meanwhile, convincing evidence of Hillary Clinton’s email-based crimes and of the Obama Administration’s illegal spying on the Trump candidacy and Presidency were documented by DOJ Inspector General Reports, but ignored by most media as being “already debunked.” They were never debunked! Perhaps those false claims against Trump were diversions to deflect away from REAL collusion and worse by Democrats. Contact: Brian Davis, Concerned American Citizen, Lino Lakes, MN. Cell Phone/Text: 651-308-7141.

Carol M. Swain – Netflix’s “Cuties” the Latest Instance of Sacrificing Our Children. Netflix is exploiting for profit a situation that will undoubtedly result in increased abuse and sexual exploitation of children. Aiding and abetting this deplorable situation is Maïmouna Doucouré, the Senegalese woman who directed and produced the French film “Mignonnes” that Netflix renamed as “Cuties.” In a shameless display of misrepresentation, Doucouré describes the film as her effort to bring awareness to the hypersexualization of children. Well, it sure succeeds in doing that, but not for noble purposes. Contact: Carol M. Swain. 615-310-8617.

Fred Litwin – Author of On the Trail of Delusion – Jim Garrison: The Great Accuser. Fred Litwin is the author of several other books and has written articles for the National Post, the Ottawa Citizen, and the Toronto Sun, among others. His 2015 book, Conservative Confidential: Inside the Fabulous Blue Tent, details his journey from left-wing, anti-nuclear activist to becoming a gadfly on the right. Litwin has been interested in the JFK assassination since he was young, and his latest book is the result of his incessant research into the topic, which debunks conspiracy theorists and proves there was only one gunman: Lee Harvey Oswald. Litwin is a marketing professional, who worked for Intel Corporation, and organized the launch of the Pentium II in Asia. In 2000, he founded NorthernBlues Music, a cutting edge blues label. The company has released over 70 CDs, and has garnered 12 Juno Awards and over 40 Blues Music Award nominations. In 2007, Litwin started the Free Thinking Society to showcase films on liberty, freedom and democracy. The society has now shown over 100 films and also organizes book launches and panel discussions. An avid volunteer, Litwin is on the programming committee of Kehillat Beth Israel synagogue in Ottawa, the Chairman of the Board of POGG (Peace, Order and Good Government), a small think tank in Ottawa, and sat on the Board of Directors of the Blues Foundation in Memphis from 2003-2009. He has also done a lot of work with the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs in Ottawa. Fred lives in Ottawa with his partner, and is currently working at work on his next book. For more info go to Contact: Scott Lorenz, Plymouth, MI. Tel: 734-667-2098.

Robert Siciliano – 14 Different Disasters Caused by Social Media. A horrific reputation online. Do you watch your company’s Facebook page? Do people post to it? Are your staff members posting? Even things that seem lighthearted at first could easily be taken the wrong way by others. Racy text or images – If you or your employees are sharing racy text or images on their own social media pages, it could affect your business and your life. Though you cannot control what others are posting, you can absolutely educate them on how to use social media in an intelligent way. Generally, these things happen simply because of ignorance, but even something seemingly innocent could give your company or yourself a bad name. Contact: Robert Siciliano, Personal Security and Identity Theft Expert, Identity Theft Expert and Speaker, Boston, MA. Direct Phone: 617-329-1182.

Dr. Michael Brown – What If Biden-Harris Win? Trump’s prospects are not good. What if Trump-Pence lost to Biden-Harris? What if Joseph Biden became our nation’s 46th president? What would that look like for conservative Americans? On the one hand, it would not be the end of the world. The sun will still shine. Children will be born. Couples will get married. Students will be in class (be it virtual or in person). The business world will keep ticking. The sports world will play its games. Thanksgiving and Hanukkah and Christmas and the New Year will be celebrated on schedule. To repeat: it would not be the end of the world. Contact: Jerry McGlothlin, Charlotte, NC. Direct Phone: 919-437-0001.

Timothy A. DimoffWhen a Business Should Hire Additional Security [COVID-19]. As recent incidents have shown in Illinois, Maryland, and California, workplace violence is an unfortunate reality that seems to rise in today’s business world. According to the Society for Human Resource Management, one in seven American workers do not feel safe in the workplace. However, being aware of workplace violence and taking the necessary steps to prevent workplace violence are two different things. Contact: Carol Saferin, Mart Saferin & Associates, LLC, Green Valley, AZ. Direct Phone: 440-669-6325.

Mark Dankof – Sputnik International Talks to Mark Dankof About Trump’s COVID-19 and the Implications in 2020. Sputnik International: “With today’s announcement of President and Mrs. Trump contracting the COVID-19 virus, we’re wondering to what extent this will influence his re-election campaign and to what extent this will lead to further chaos in Trump’s reelection bid. What about the mainstream media narrative around this?” Mark Dankof: “The diagnosis of Trump with COVID-19 has given CNN and other MSM outlets a good case of histrionics being heightened to assist the Biden candidacy by ignoring the latter’s dementia and political vulnerabilities.” Contact: Mark Dankof, Investigative Journalist, Mark Dankof’s America, Windcrest, TX. Direct Phone: 210-807-2268.

Mr. Pulak Sharma & and Dr. Priyanka Sharma – Lack of Oversight of CBD Products Plague Industry, Mislabeling Rampant: Leading Producer, Kazmira LLC, Seeks Tighter Regulations. In a short time the CBD industry has grown massively, with small and large producers and retailers springing up in an effort to grab a piece of the action. While the medicinal benefits of Cannabinoid products have become widely known, the government regulation of creams, oil drops, edibles and bath bombs is severely lacking. One of the biggest issues currently plaguing this nascent industry is deceptive product labeling, which takes on a dangerous side when claims of miracle cures are touted by retailers and manufacturers.
Contact: Pulak Sharma, CEO, Kazmira LLC, Watkins, CO. Direct Phone: 720-531-1634.

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