Expert Guests

bebbtjT.J. Bebb is a country musician and songwriter who has penned a song titled, “22 Everyday,” designed to call attention to the too-large number of U.S. military veterans who commit suicide each day.  The Pennsylvania-born Nashville resident has just released an album he calls a tribute to some of the best country singers of all time.  He’s opened for numerous national acts including Loretta Lynn, George Jones, Craig Morgan and others.  To find out more and to download “22 Everyday,” click here.  To book T.J. Bebb for an interview, phone Chris Keaton at 615-750-3883.

kallen jackieJackie Kallen is known as “The First Lady of Boxing.” Kallen has been involved in the sport of boxing for almost 35 years.  She started as a boxing journalist, hosted her own talk radio show, then became the publicist for the legendary Kronk Gym in Detroit and eventually segued into management.  Her success in the male-dominated business inspired the Meg Ryan film “Against the Ropes.”  Having guided the careers of more than a half-dozen champions, she was a regular on NBC’s “The Contender” with Sylvester Stallone.  Jackie can connect with a casual boxing audience.  To Book Jackie Kallen, contact

goldman ivanIvan Goldman is a New York Times best-selling author.  Goldman, of, has written for Columbia Journalism Review, The Nation, Rolling Stone, The New York Times, Washington Post, and the Los Angeles Times.  He’s a Fulbright Scholar and an elector for the International Boxing Hall of Fame.  His novel, The Barfighter, set in the world of prizefighting, was nominated as a 2009 Notable Book by the American Library Association.  His novel The Debtor Class comes out this April.  To Book Ivan Goldman contact

douglasdwightguestDwight Douglas is a radio pro who’s written a provocative theological book titled, If God Could Talk…The Diary of a TV Journalist (CreateSpace 2015).  The story involves a fictitious cable TV talk show in which the concept and question of what God would say if He could talk through the vehicle of such a platform is explored.  In it, Douglas amply displays his knowledge about modern talk media in addition to personal thoughts on the deeper issues of existence.  He presents the questions why do most of the world’s great religions act as middlemen and interpreters of what God intends for humanity?  Why can’t God just speak for Himself directly and if he did, what might he say?  To learn more about If God Could Talk… The Diary of a TV Journalist and scheduling Dwight Douglas as a talk show guest, please click here.

CD cover front  72-100The new GUNHILL ROAD album “Every 40 Years” is something special… and their story is perfect to be told on talk radio!  Four decades in the making, GUNHILL ROAD returns with 19 timeless tracks of compelling melodies, incisive lyrics and organic three-part harmonies that connect the most authentic elements of the 70s to the new millennium, with a few subway stops in between.  This is an amazing story and a pop music industry first!  40 years after their first two albums were favorites among FM rock radio DJs and their hit single “Back When My Hair Was Short” rocketed to the Top 10 at AM radio stations around the country – the legendary GUNHILL ROAD is back!   In November, 2013, the trio of Glenn Leopold, Steve Goldrich and Paul Reisch returned to the studio to work on their very, very, very long-awaited third album, a 19-track CD, “Every 40 Years.”  It delivers what TALKERS/RadioInfo publisher and former WNEW-FM, New York DJ Michael Harrison describes as “a masterpiece that captures the musical and cultural essence of the best years of album rock from a strikingly contemporary 21st century perspective.  What a gift to generations born on both sides of the digital divide!”

The band was formed in Mount Vernon, NY in the late 1960s, and first performed at New York’s premier club, Paul Colby’s The Bitter End. Soon after, they began to open for many of the top acts of the time, and were considered one of the best opening acts in the business.  And the rest, as they say, is history – as this new album, “Every 40 Years,” proves the long story and stunning artistry of GUNHILL ROAD still has miles to go for music enthusiasts to explore and enjoy.  Please check out the following videos: How it all began: Click here.

A really cool song – Everything Passes: Click here. If you would like to interview any of the members of GUNHILL ROAD or receive a download of “Every 40 Years” please shoot an email to Duane Doobie at or call him at 413-565-5413.


On the air for over 20 years, Ric Edelman is an expert on all aspects of personal finance critical to your listeners:  investments, taxes, retirement planning, mortgages, saving for college, buying and leasing cars and more.  Ric has been three times ranked the #1 Independent Financial Advisor in the nation by Barron’s.   Ric is a #1 New York Times best-selling author and his eighth book, The Truth About Retirement Plans and IRAs, was published in April 2014.  Also in 2014, Ric was named among the “Heavy Hundred” in the radio industry by TALKERS magazine.  Ric’s television show, The Truth About Money with Ric Edelman, airs on more than 200 public television stations across the country and has won 8 Telly Awards.  He is a member of the CNBC Digital Financial Advisors Council.  More information is available at:  To book Ric Edelman, contact Rick Fowler at 703-251-0109.

weismanwriterSteven J.J. Weisman is an attorney, educator, author and experienced broadcaster whose expertise in the area of identity theft has made him one of the country’s most-sought-after television and radio guests.  Most people think of use of credit cards over the internet as the obvious example if high-risk behavior that could lead to identity theft, but there are many other potential pitfalls via social media and smartphone use that most people don’t even think about – and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.  Weisman has published his most recent book, Identity Theft Alert, and he’s available to speak with your audience about this crucial topic.  Email: or visit to learn more.

laviewriterIf you want a real expert’s  first-hand, direct view of the Arab-Israeli conflict now going on, the person you want as a guest on your show is 15-year Associated Press foreign correspondent Mark Lavie.  Mark has been covering the Middle East from posts both in Cairo and Jerusalem and is now in Tel Aviv.  Born and raised in Fort Wayne, Indiana, and a graduate of Indiana University, he has been an overseas anchor and reporter  for such networks as AP Radio, NBC, NPR and the CBC in Canada.  Mark is the author of a new book, “Broken Spring,” a vivid, hands-on view of Middle Eastern society and the turmoil it is undergoing. To book Mark Lavie for your show: Phone: +972-52-721-2143  Email: