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Robert Kosch is one of the freshest guests available to guest on talk media shows in America today.
What if a former white collar prison inmate could demonstrate a distinct plan that could save the U.S. from a recession and move the economy forward?
Bob Kosch is a former white collar prison inmate with a plan that can save America from recession and move the economy forward.  He is a fascinating talk show guest. Experiencing corporal punishment by nuns at St. Anthony’s in Hawthorne, NJ as a child because of learning disabilities and left back in the 5th grade, he began engaging in behavior which would ultimately lead to trouble.  As an adult, Bob has worked as a mortgage banker, loan broker and tax lien investor.  He is an expert in mortgage law, focusing mainly in foreclosure and equitable subrogation. He was a model citizen in prison and served as a legal advocate for fellow inmates in need of support… work in which he is still engaged. Click here for more information about Bob Kosch. Bob can be scheduled via Victoria Jones at the DC Radio Company.  Email:  Phone: 917-865-3991.

Arnie Wexler – NFL Playoffs and Super Bowl and GAMBLING. Now that you can bet on sports in some states, do some players have a bet on the game?? Football’s biggest game offers the greatest temptation to sports gamblers. “Is the Super Bowl to the compulsive gambler is what New Year’s Eve is to the alcoholic?” says Arnie Wexler, a leading expert on the subject of compulsive gambling and a recovering compulsive gambler himself. Contact: Arnie Wexler, Florida. Cell/Text: 954- 501-5270.

Ron Karr, CSP – Four Reasons Why The 25th Amendment Must Be Invoked. Ron Karr, author of The Velocity Mindset®- How Leaders Eliminate Resistance, Gain Buy-in and Achieve Better Results- Faster says the 25th Amendment must be invoked to remove Donald J. Trump from office. If a CEO of any publicly traded company behaved in this appalling fashion, there’s zero doubt he or she would be fired by the company’s board. In fact, it would be breach of fiduciary responsibility to not fire the CEO. This president has breached his fiduciary duty to the United States of America and we must immediately move to hold him accountable. Contact: Ron Karr, New Jersey. Cell/Text: 201-914-3895.

Dr. Raymond H. Hamden – Psychology of Terrorists – Profiling and CounterAction. Actual direct face-to-face interventions that very few professionals have done to get the truth about terrorists’ mind set, and their influences on families and community; identified four types of terrorists and coined the term “Retributional Terrorists” which was based on clinical and forensic intercessions; developed the 3-Is to identity the ethno-geographic religious and political types vs. general criminals. Contact: Dr. Raymond H. Hamden, Washington, DC. Tel: 202-262-8800.

David Morey – A National Service Call to Arms: Uniting Our Disunity. There is an old adage: If you want someone to be loyal… ask them to do something. America needs to ask its youth to do something – to answer a national service call to arms and unite our dangerous disunity. In 1932, facing the Great Depression, Franklin Roosevelt gathered a nation in New Deal service. In 1961, John Kennedy birthed a Presidency with: “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.” And after his Presidency, Ronald Reagan argued: “The work of volunteer groups throughout our country represents the very heart and soul of America.” Contact: David Morey, Core Strategy Group, Washington, DC. Tel: 202-223-7945.

Lauren Fix – Should I Lease or Buy a Car? Which is Best? Preview this guest and learn the questions to ask at: Six Pros to Leasing – Seven Cons to Leasing. Five Pros to Buying – Five Cons to Buying. Contact: Lauren Fix, The Car Coach, Detroit (where else would she be – right?) Cell: 716-440-3888.

Dr. Alejandro Badia. MD, FACS –  Failure of COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution Confirms Government Incompetence (Editorial).  The COVID-19 vaccine has failed. I don’t mean that the vaccine itself doesn’t work – far from it. I mean the ineffective way such an important lifesaving, pandemic-ending vaccine is being rolled out. The slovenly effort is putting the lives of millions of Americans at risk. At the vaccine’s current injection rates, or even if they got it to 1 million a day, it’ll still take a YEAR before all Americans are fully vaccinated! With 3,000+ people dying from COVID-19 every day, every minute matters! We are running out of time! Contact: Scott Lorenz.  Cell: 248-705-2214.

Scott Haskins – Travelling With a Pet? Protecting your pet is not only about the care of your pet. The pet can be a distraction while you are driving, causing a more serious situation than it would be otherwise, which often involves children. Also, besides experiencing whiplash, the driver would be hit with the pet which has become a projectile. According to the National Safety Council, if a car crashes at a speed of 25 mph, an airborne dog or cat can develop projectile forces equaling 40 times its weight. For example, a German Shepherd weighing 75 lbs. can impact with a force of 3000 lbs. This is enough force to be lethal for a driver or passenger and in the least, cause great damage as the pet is thrown through the cabin and, sometimes, out the front windshield. Contact: Scott Haskins, Los Angeles. Cell: 805-570-4140.

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