Expert Guests

edelmanOn the air for over 20 years, Ric Edelman is an expert on all aspects of personal finance critical to your listeners:  investments, taxes, retirement planning, mortgages, saving for college, buying and leasing cars and more.  Ric has been three times ranked the #1 Independent Financial Advisor in the nation by Barron’s.   Ric is a #1 New York Times best-selling author and his eighth book, The Truth About Retirement Plans and IRAs, was published in April 2014.  Also in 2014, Ric was named among the “Heavy Hundred” in the radio industry by TALKERS magazine.  Ric’s television show, The Truth About Money with Ric Edelman, airs on more than 200 public television stations across the country and has won 8 Telly Awards.  He is a member of the CNBC Digital Financial Advisors Council.  More information is available at:  To book Ric Edelman, contact Rick Fowler at 703-251-0109.

milnerkathleenKathleen Ann Milner has a growing following that spans the globe.  A longtime favorite of radio talk show hosts, she has been referred to as a “nice kind of oddity.”  Michael Harrison describes her as “a natural side dish for this medium – one of the best and most credible psychics in the nation.”  Kathleen is a natural healer and seer who has a proven track record of making real healings happen both in person and over the telephone.  She also has tremendous insight into coming world events, having accurately made detailed predictions of global consequences.  She is a philosopher and teacher with an extraordinary knowledge and understanding of the unseen world who helps people open up to their own unique gifts and intuition.  Since August 2008, Kathleen has promoted a free, weekly, worldwide group healing called the “Weekly Wednesday Night 8:00 PM Clearing.”  Millions of people participate by prayer or meditation for themselves, others and/or the planet at 8:00 pm (local time) wherever they happen to be.  To book her as a guest on your show, phone: 571-926-8158.

weismanwriterSteven J.J. Weisman is an attorney, educator, author and experienced broadcaster whose expertise in the area of identity theft has made him one of the country’s most-sought-after television and radio guests.  Most people think of use of credit cards over the internet as the obvious example if high-risk behavior that could lead to identity theft, but there are many other potential pitfalls via social media and smartphone use that most people don’t even think about – and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.  Weisman has published his most recent book, Identity Theft Alert, and he’s available to speak with your audience about this crucial topic.  Email: or visit to learn more.

laviewriterIf you want a real expert’s  first-hand, direct view of the Arab-Israeli conflict now going on, the person you want as a guest on your show is 15-year Associated Press foreign correspondent Mark Lavie.  Mark has been covering the Middle East from posts both in Cairo and Jerusalem and is now in Tel Aviv.  Born and raised in Fort Wayne, Indiana, and a graduate of Indiana University, he has been an overseas anchor and reporter  for such networks as AP Radio, NBC, NPR and the CBC in Canada.  Mark is the author of a new book, “Broken Spring,” a vivid, hands-on view of Middle Eastern society and the turmoil it is undergoing. To book Mark Lavie for your show: Phone: +972-52-721-2143  Email: