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Thursday, November 26, 2015

Thursday, November 26, 2015

| November 26, 2015
Geraldo Out at WABC, New York?  It seems to be the case.  According to a posting on WABC, New York personality Geraldo Rivera’s Facebook page, he has been informed that Cumulus Media does not intend to extend his current contract for another year.  Geraldo writes, “To fans of my WABC radio show this may be goodbye.  I’ve just been informed by Mary Berner, the new Cumulus Media CEO, and by Chad Lopez, the New York VP/market manager that they do not intend to honor the handshake deal I made with the ousted company chief John Dickey, an agreement to extend my current contract for a year.  The decision to renege on our deal on the eve of Thanksgiving is especially upsetting coming in the wake of my emotionally charged and highly rated coverage of the Paris massacre and frantic efforts by authorities to bring the perpetrators to justice.  Last year, The Village Voice named me the ‘2014 Best AM Radio Host in NYC’, writing in part, ‘Geraldo Rivera actually has something to say. The guy understands the issues of the day and has enough confidence in his opinions to call bullshit on blowhards,’ which I’m doing here.”  More details on Monday.


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