TALKERS Conference – New York City – New Media Seminar – 2012 – Picture Gallery

| June 15, 2012

The first of two installments of TALKERS magazine’s innovative and economical one-day model for the New Media Seminar seems to have struck the right chord – at least for the approximately 400 industry professionals who recently packed the Concierge Conference Center on Manhattan’s East Side on Thursday June 7. Photo, videos and letters of praise clearly indicate that the first half of the talk media industry’s longest running and most important national convention was a home run that soared, as the saying goes, out of the park. Now as the editors of TALKERS magazine begin to post pictures, videos and comments from the Big Apple “happening,” the industry begins to anticipate part-two of the exciting event scheduled for Thursday October 11 in Los Angeles.

A sampling of excerpts from letters received from industry leaders shows strong and resounding approval of the new NMS format and its results in New York City.  See the letters and the NMS picture gallery.  click here.

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